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[cdt-l] food

well then prove my self to the like of jeeny I would rather talk about
backpacking and give other my experience I have. here is a great food
idea I found last year . betty croker make san instant box mashed potato
that has lots of different flavors. I found that before leaving take the
package and dividing it in half into zip locks gives you plenty of
taters also for the milk you can use dry milk you can dump the dry milk
into the zip lock baggy. I then take the butter flakes I don't know
there name but there is a sesiong that tats like butter and you sprinkle
some of that in the zip lock then when you get to camp you just have to
boil the water amount the directions say by half since using half a
package then add in the water needed for the dry milk. follow the
direction the and more of the butter flakes at meal time it make a good
potato and doesn't relay taist like instant potatoes with the flavors in