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[cdt-l] Favorite GPS?

I've used a Garmin 12 and a Garmin Etrex and some old Magellans. When I
dropped Larry & Annie off at the trail last year, Larry was using one
of the new Magellans. It seemed pretty hefty to me although we didn't
take the time to discuss its good and bad points.

The Etrex does everything I remember my Garmin 12 being able to do, but
in a smaller package and with better battery life and at a cheaper
price. I'm curious about the mapping capability of some of the more
expensive Garmins. Plus, they're coming out with a Palm PDA for about
$600 retail with hardwired GPS capability. I just keep asking myself if
I really need it...for 20+ years  a map and compass have done pretty

On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 11:12 AM, Angela W. Ballard wrote:

> Hello! My husband (Duffy) and I are contemplating a
> thru-hike of the CDT in 2004. I was wondering if
> anyone had any recommendations re. GPS devices? Is
> there one that is particularly good for a thru-hike
> (long battery life, large memory, lightweight, fairly
> durable)? Any advice or personal experiences would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thank you!
> -Angela
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