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[cdt-l] Packing Pepper Spray

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well I have wiorked in botht he frist and park serivce and they will say
the same thing carrey it,. Hey it is beter to carrey it then not carrey
it. I supose people liek you don't have car insurnace ebcuse you had it
and dint use it.

Ron Martino wrote:

>Dave Fales wrote:
>>your stuped unless you carry peper spray when I worked in yelowsoten any
>>bear atakes I went to was ebcuse the idotios had no bear spray
>	Doug and/or Sue, I would suggest contacting the appropriate authorities
>instead of listening to self-proclaimed experts on this forum. At least
>you can trust that the folks wearing ranger uniforms are actually what
>they claim to be.
>	As for my own gratuitous bear story, my close encounter with a grizzly
>at Two Medicine in Glacier NP last summer came about when I heard
>something moving through the tall brush near the trail. It was coming
>directly towards me, and I couldn't see anything over or through the
>vegetation. So I said something out loud, and a beautiful grizzly stood
>up a mere 30 feet away so he could check me out. I continued to speak
>calmly and backed up slowly. He dropped back down to all fours and
>turned his back to me. I then moved cautiously forward and past him; the
>bear and I each went our separate ways. (At the time I was on the wrong
>end of a dead-end trail; I had to go forward to get out or I would have
>tried a different route back to camp.)
>>Glcior bears are the most dangress bears.
>	If 'Glacier bears are the most dangerous', and mine was representative,
>I'm not too worried then. I did everything correctly, the bear did
>everything correctly, and we both got to live awhile longer. I don't
>carry pepper spray on the trail; I don't trust it to work in a close
>encounter with a bear; too many variables. I do carry a six-foot
>hardwood hiking staff, a backpack and a brain. Between them I'm pretty
>confident that one way or another I can avoid becoming bear chow. If I'm
>wrong, then davef can call me an idiot after I'm dead. Until then I'll
>be here, along with the rest of you, judging who is and is not an idiot
>in these forums based on things other than what's on their belt.
>	Ron
>It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will
>determine our fate. There must be no limit on the range of temperate
>discussion, no limits on thought. No subject must be taboo. No censor
>must preside at our assemblies.
>	William O. Douglas
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