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[cdt-l] amazing.....

Dave Fales wrote:
> hey ron why don't you prove you were on the trail your the joke of
> backpackers I here

	Which trail, silly? I'm not claiming anything about myself. Feel free
to disparage my abilities all you want; I haven't claimed to do anything
of worth.

	Oh, except for getting you to post the dates of your 'hikes'. That was
a success. Awful lots of folks on those trails in those years. Funny how
no one remembers you.

> well guess what your worng idiot about my age so there
> Paul Magnanti wrote:
> >This is getting to be rather amusing.
> >
> >Just as a side note. The NPS dispatch Ron pulled up
> >listed Mr. Fales as 30 yo in 2002.
> >
> >In 1985 he would have been 13 years old.

	Since you have the same information on your Yahoo profile page
<http://profiles.yahoo.com/teamcourage> I guess you're wrong, too.

	Oh, sorry, I forgot... so there.

> When it comes to outdoor equpment manufucrers real ones not these
> joke cheep ultra light crap that is below walmrt level I am on a first
> name basses it is amzing for my hike I wills oon do that will be
>  arecord for a personw itha physical diabity all I have to do is call up
> some of the big gear manufactures and I get sponsors infact I have
> turned down more offers then I have accepted

	Maybe you should get someone to sponsor your website. I see it's gone
again. Sad...


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