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[cdt-l] amazing.....

hey ron why don't you prove you were on the trail your the joke of
backpackers I here

Ginny & Jim Owen wrote:

> Sloetoe wrote:
>>> Dave Fales wrote:
>>> >>I, Dave Fales, thru-hiked the following trails in the
>>> following years -
>>> >>Appalachian Trail -90 99
>>> >>Pacific Crest Trail -2000 88
>>> >>Continental Divide Trail -85, 92, 99,  section hiked 2001
>> ### Davef, you're hiding your light under a bushel basket, man.
>> You've claimed you're a Tripler Crowner, then *almost* a double
>> Triple Crowner (now that you know what the term means), but
>> according to the above, you're on your way to being a TRIPLE
>> Triple Crowner. Sheeesh, man! And amazing, davef, how you not
>> only hiked the at and cdt in the same year (1999), but you
>> managed to do so *entirely* without being detected!
> It's even more amazing because (by his own words) he fit all that hiking
> into 1000 miles.  And because in 1985 he did a CDT thruhike when he was
> about 11 years old. And because during the 1999 hiking season he was
> trolling the outdoor newsgroups while he was doing both the AT and
> CDT.  And
> in June 2000 he was doing a bus trip to Idaho (among other things)
> while he
> was on the PCT.   And then, he spent 2 years on the same trails I was
> on -
> and, superhiker that he is, never caught me on either trail.  And ---
> a lot
> more of the same.
> Really???
> Amazing.  Absolutely amazing!!!!
> And absolute bull puckey.
> Y'know, when I was in college, one of the guys kept meticulous notes
> about
> what lies that he told to which girls.  He told so many lies that he
> knew he
> couldn't remember them all without being organized.  So he had a file
> cabinet full of folders - one for each girl.  And he consulted the files
> before he wrote, dated or talked any of them.  He was the first
> congenital
> liar I ever met. But not the last.
> I think we're done here - except for one thing that most of you already
> know. But I'll state the obvious for the benefit of those who don't know.
> On at-l, he's become a joke.  He's the "mad typer" - or "failed Dave" or
> ---- other, less savory names.  But he got no respect, no serious
> answers,
> and few, if any, complaints after we decided what he was.  And he'll be a
> joke on at-l for a lot of years to come.  We still joke about some of the
> trolls that showed up on at-l in 1995.
> Trolls sometimes have to be exposed.  But after that happens, anyone who
> takes them seriously or tries to reason with them does so at their own
> risk.
>  And gets little or no sympathy when they get burned.
> He's been exposed.  Don't complain about him - ignore him or laugh at
> him.
> Its all he deserves.  He's been trolling the groups and lists for a
> number
> of years.  As one person said to/of him:
> "Dave, You mighty champion of inflammatory remarks and wit."  That was
> under
> the title "Champion of the insult".
> If you let him get to you or take him seriously or answer him, then he
> wins.
>  If you ignore him and/or laugh at him, he loses.
> Usually someone on the list doesn't believe all this.  And they
> invariably
> get burned cause they just "have to reason with him."  To that person or
> persons I'll just say - good luck.  You'll need it.  But I'm outta
> this crap
> - unless I find something really knee-slappingly hilarious to laugh
> about.
> Hike your own hike.  Kill your own snakes.  And live with the
> consequences
> of your own words and actions.
> Walk softly,
> Jim
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