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[cdt-l] amazing.....

well unlike like jenney and her idiot husband I have hiked every inch I
have claims as one person that is very well know in hikign cirles say
ginny and her hsuband only does 3 hike s year they hiek up ont he stage
to accept any award theyc an calim for ther elies in hiking. there
tripple crown has been proven to be  false hood. It is funny on the
dates the claim in there triple corwn to be hiking they were seen at
another convetion claiming a fake award. It boils down to this I won't
repson to the idiot likes if ginny and her idiot hsubnd i have out hiekd
them 500 times over. just looka thtere pcitures and you can see they
can't hike but maby fromt eh couch to the refrigrater espec;lyy ginny.
so this topic is over. I am a tripple corwe one of the onyl one son this
list. When it comes to outdoor equpment manufucrers real ones not these
joke cheep ultra light crap that is below walmrt level I am on a first
name basses it is amzing for my hike I wills oon do that will be
 arecord for a personw itha physical diabity all I have to do is call up
some of the big gear manufactures and I get sponsors infact I have
turned down more offers then I have accepted

Doug and Sue wrote:

>I'm trying to understand why someone would claim to have hiked trails he
>never hiked?  What's to be gained by that?  Status amoung a group is poor
>motivation when mos tof us love the CDT and hike it to expereince it- not to
>just gain status.  Is that right,  or am I off here? Then again, I don't
>understand why some individuals claim to have been abducted by space aliens,
>either.  I am rather simple in some areas.
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