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[cdt-l] Favorite GPS?

     I carried the cheapest Garmin etrex.  It was a
great help, but is never a substitute for a compass
and a hardcopy map (they don't need batteries).  When
I used it, all I needed was the ability to get my
position from the GPS to plot on a map, or lift a
waypoint from a map to put in the GPS to do a "go to".
When doing the latter, I could get within three
hundred feet of my destination by getting a
latitude/longitude reading from the map using a
It's prone to breaking on a long hike, so I laminated
it with clear packing tape, and it made it the length
of the CDT in one piece.


--- Slyatpct@aol.com wrote:
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> Hey I remember you two from the PCT, Skykomish I
> believe.  Playing football
> on the motel lawn!
> My partner was the GPS wizz and carried the yellow
> Garmin eTrex.  It
> definately got us out of some fixes and saved us
> from backtracking several
> times.  Hopefully he'll be around shortly to help
> you out further, perhaps
> with some waypoints.
> Don't forget your Waypointer!
> Sly

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