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[cdt-l] Good luck in '03!

By the way if you havent seen them Mr ley has a cd with maps on it they
are evry well done. I took mine to a frinds office that is a profeshinal
enger and survyer and we cahnged the fiels from waht they were to austo
cad files then printed them out on a lotter. any printer pritns them out
but if you have acess to a plotter especly a real expisve one deigned
for making maps they are evry sharp in color. We were also abel to print
them out on water proof paper. Course it is lot sof maps we put to on a
apge and I belive montana alone was soem like 45 maps maby more I never

Jonathan Ley wrote:

>Before everyone else bails from the list... good luck to all in 2003! The
>CDT is an amazing thing, I hope it brings you half the joy it's brought me.
>May the snow melt quickly, the fires not sprout, the water run clear, the =
winter be late, the lightning not strike, the bears be kind, the mail arriv=
e, the gear not break, the body endure, and the mind & soul flourish!
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