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[cdt-l] Re: [at-l] Re: [pct-l] Paid Hiking Job Offer!

Ron-- ya think it is wise to continue baitin' him?

We don't care a twit what he did....really..a 13 y.o doing a thru hike//
that would be memorable..

I would have know about him even though all I did on the CDT was some
small sections and N or Yellowstone area...and I'm not even sure
that was an official CDT section..


At 02:47 PM 4/9/03 -0600, Ron Martino wrote:
>Dave Fales wrote:
>> --
>> [ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
>> well I posted my dates why don't you post your O that's right you
>> haven't hiked those trails. that sure shut you up didn't it.
>	But I've never lied about being a triple crown hiker, unlike some
>people have. I haven't thru-hiked any trails, but then I don't claim
>massive amounts of expertise either. Only the ability to see through
>obvious trolls and lies.
>	So, davef, since you were on the CDT in 99, why don't you know Jim &
>Ginny? That was their year as well. I'm really looking forward to you
>and Jim reminiscing about the trail. It will give all of us dreaming
>about eventual thru-hikes valuable information.
>	You first, then Jim can share his experiences -
>	Northbound, southbound, or flip-flop?
>	What were the snow levels like? Water conditions?
>	Which routes did you take? Which cutoffs? Folks planning for 2004 and
>later will be thrilled to hear.
>	Come on, folks; here's your chance to ask detailed questions. I, for
>one, cannot wait to hear the answers...
>	Ron
>It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will
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>must preside at our assemblies.
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