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[cdt-l] Re: [at-l] Re: [pct-l] Paid Hiking Job Offer!

Dave Fales wrote:
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> well I posted my dates why don't you post your O that's right you
> haven't hiked those trails. that sure shut you up didn't it.

	But I've never lied about being a triple crown hiker, unlike some
people have. I haven't thru-hiked any trails, but then I don't claim
massive amounts of expertise either. Only the ability to see through
obvious trolls and lies.

	So, davef, since you were on the CDT in 99, why don't you know Jim &
Ginny? That was their year as well. I'm really looking forward to you
and Jim reminiscing about the trail. It will give all of us dreaming
about eventual thru-hikes valuable information.

	You first, then Jim can share his experiences -

	Northbound, southbound, or flip-flop?

	What were the snow levels like? Water conditions?

	Which routes did you take? Which cutoffs? Folks planning for 2004 and
later will be thrilled to hear.

	Come on, folks; here's your chance to ask detailed questions. I, for
one, cannot wait to hear the answers...


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