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[cdt-l] amazing.....

Sloetoe wrote:
>>Dave Fales wrote:
>> >>I, Dave Fales, thru-hiked the following trails in the
>>following years -
>> >>Appalachian Trail -90 99
>> >>Pacific Crest Trail -2000 88
>> >>Continental Divide Trail -85, 92, 99,  section hiked 2001
>### Davef, you're hiding your light under a bushel basket, man.
>You've claimed you're a Tripler Crowner, then *almost* a double
>Triple Crowner (now that you know what the term means), but
>according to the above, you're on your way to being a TRIPLE
>Triple Crowner. Sheeesh, man! And amazing, davef, how you not
>only hiked the at and cdt in the same year (1999), but you
>managed to do so *entirely* without being detected!

It's even more amazing because (by his own words) he fit all that hiking
into 1000 miles.  And because in 1985 he did a CDT thruhike when he was
about 11 years old. And because during the 1999 hiking season he was
trolling the outdoor newsgroups while he was doing both the AT and CDT.  And
in June 2000 he was doing a bus trip to Idaho (among other things) while he
was on the PCT.   And then, he spent 2 years on the same trails I was on -
and, superhiker that he is, never caught me on either trail.  And --- a lot
more of the same.


Amazing.  Absolutely amazing!!!!

And absolute bull puckey.

Y'know, when I was in college, one of the guys kept meticulous notes about
what lies that he told to which girls.  He told so many lies that he knew he
couldn't remember them all without being organized.  So he had a file
cabinet full of folders - one for each girl.  And he consulted the files
before he wrote, dated or talked any of them.  He was the first congenital
liar I ever met. But not the last.

I think we're done here - except for one thing that most of you already
know. But I'll state the obvious for the benefit of those who don't know.
On at-l, he's become a joke.  He's the "mad typer" - or "failed Dave" or
---- other, less savory names.  But he got no respect, no serious answers,
and few, if any, complaints after we decided what he was.  And he'll be a
joke on at-l for a lot of years to come.  We still joke about some of the
trolls that showed up on at-l in 1995.

Trolls sometimes have to be exposed.  But after that happens, anyone who
takes them seriously or tries to reason with them does so at their own risk.
  And gets little or no sympathy when they get burned.

He's been exposed.  Don't complain about him - ignore him or laugh at him.
Its all he deserves.  He's been trolling the groups and lists for a number
of years.  As one person said to/of him:
"Dave, You mighty champion of inflammatory remarks and wit."  That was under
the title "Champion of the insult".

If you let him get to you or take him seriously or answer him, then he wins.
  If you ignore him and/or laugh at him, he loses.

Usually someone on the list doesn't believe all this.  And they invariably
get burned cause they just "have to reason with him."  To that person or
persons I'll just say - good luck.  You'll need it.  But I'm outta this crap
- unless I find something really knee-slappingly hilarious to laugh about.

Hike your own hike.  Kill your own snakes.  And live with the consequences
of your own words and actions.

Walk softly,

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