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[cdt-l] Thanks for GPS advice

Thanks everyone for the great GPS advice and info. If
you think of anything else, I'm all ears (well, eyes
in this case). We're hoping to pick a unit in the
coming months and then take it out and practice with
it this summer. Sly -- yup, that was us with the Nerf
football, we carried it from Campo but didn't often
have the energy to play with it. Ken and Marcia --
good luck on the AT this summer! Sly are you off to do
the AT too? If so best of luck to you. We're jealous.
We're just starting our CDT planning and still aren't
100% sure that we'll be able to take all the necessary
time off from "real life" or not. We can't start until
July (due to Duffy's job) so we probably won't be able
to finish the whole trail anyway, but we'll cover as
much ground as we can. At that time of year, should we
start in the north?

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