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[cdt-l] Favorite GPS?

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Just two weeks ago I went out and got an etrex legend. I figured I would need
it for parts of the CDT. I have discovered that the only software that will
let you download more detailed maps than the base road map that is in the unit
is to buy the software from
Garmin. The quality of the detail in that software is very poor and would not
be compatable with CDT use. What I have done instead is buy the state maps on
CD-Rom by TOPO! and National Geographic. Its all the 7.5 maps of each state.
What you can do is upload waypoints to and from your unit using a computer.
What I am planning on doing is printing out the maps from the CD rom with UTM
units printed on the side so that I can just figure where I am at by plotting
my location by using the GPS unit. I know that mapquest makes a 100 dollar
cdrom series of the CDT and there is johnathan Ley's CD-Rom of the CDT (which
I havent explored yet). Good luck

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>I have another question in the same vien.
>I have an extrex Legend and I want to know which software to get which allow
>to downlaod maps to the unit
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