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[cdt-l] Favorite GPS?

Hi Angela and Duffy,
We used a Garmin etrex Summit. It worked fine and helped us find the trail
numerous times. It was quite durable and waterproof. We saw Larry McDuff
carrying a Magellan with mapping capabilites. Not sure what model it was,
but he had maps of almost the whole CDT downloaded onto it. I know some
Garmins have mapping capabilies, but we waven't seen any of them execpt in
demo mode.

One thing Larry and I figured out - A GPS won't help you unless you turn it
on. We spent over an hour with maps trying to find a trail junction, then
turned on his GPS and found we were 1/2 mile off the trail we thought we
were on.

Our experience is that all GPS's suck up the batteries. When I had extra
batteries in my pack sometimes I would leave it on all day. It would use up
a fresh set of batteries (2 AA) in one day. Usually it was interesting
though - like elevation gain of over 1 mile/day near Leadore.

My recommendation is to carry one and learn how to use it. I don't think
there is a great deal of difference unless you download the maps.

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> Hello! My husband (Duffy) and I are contemplating a
> thru-hike of the CDT in 2004. I was wondering if
> anyone had any recommendations re. GPS devices? Is
> there one that is particularly good for a thru-hike
> (long battery life, large memory, lightweight, fairly
> durable)? Any advice or personal experiences would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thank you!
> -Angela
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