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[cdt-l] amazing.....

> Dave Fales wrote:
> >>I, Dave Fales, thru-hiked the following trails in the
> following years -
> >>Appalachian Trail -90 99
> >>Pacific Crest Trail -2000 88
> >>Continental Divide Trail -85, 92, 99,  section hiked 2001

### Davef, you're hiding your light under a bushel basket, man.
You've claimed you're a Tripler Crowner, then *almost* a double
Triple Crowner (now that you know what the term means), but
according to the above, you're on your way to being a TRIPLE
Triple Crowner. Sheeesh, man! And amazing, davef, how you not
only hiked the at and cdt in the same year (1999), but you
managed to do so *entirely* without being detected! (I bet you
trained some of our Special Forces, didn't you. That would
explain a lot of their success -- our nation owes you a large
debt.) And '99 was a tough year, what with all the flooding on
the AT from GA->CT -- say, davef, how'd you deal with all the
high water?

### Orrrrrr, maybe we should just let davef the
embellish-the-embellishments, stealth-hiker-to-the-stars,
near-triple Triple Crowner be? And get on to recharging our
appliances and Springer/Gila/Campo Fever and whether or not Ken
& Marcia are going to treat Sly to pizza next month. (Sly, do I
get commission?)


Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.

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