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[cdt-l] Paid Hiking

>> Ron - you are truly a cruel man.  There I sat, bored out of my mind at
on a very grey drizzly wintry day, and you offer me the chance for 7 weeks,
paid, of hiking and exploring trails.  That was cruel!  <<

Hey, I'm tempted myself. I'm now officially a member of the unemployment
group or should I say under employed.  I'd consider going except my wife
would really get ticked off. If she had to work fulltime, send out orders
and such. She's already frustrated when I said I'm headed to the ADZPCTKO
and to Trail Days next month.

I said "it's for work", she says "it's a vacation". I say "we'll make
money", she says "I'll never see it, because you'll pour it back into more
gear and backpacking trips." "Research", I say, "Bull****", says she.

So I guess you'll have to move to the back of the Cruel Ron line.

Anyone got a job for an unemployed software engineer, web designer and would
be outdoor gear designer?