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[cdt-l] Paid Hiking

Ron - you are truly a cruel man.  There I sat, bored out of my mind at work,
on a very grey drizzly wintry day, and you offer me the chance for 7 weeks,
paid, of hiking and exploring trails.  That was cruel!  For more than a few
minutes, I tried to figure out how I could justify quitting my job and
heading out to Yosemite.  I can handle the cut in income, I could probably
talk Jim into coming with me - but what would we do with the house?  We're
not ready yet!

So, in a deep funk, I turned to a surefire way to cheer myself up - I spent
a couple of hours reading Ken and Marcia's journal.  Only it didn't work.
Yes, the pictures and stories made me smile -- the journal is really a good
one -- but now I really really want to be out hiking instead of sitting
inside and wasting time waiting for my boss to come back from vacation.
Some suffer Springer fever, I suffer Palomas, Campo, and Springer fever all
at once.  Three more years till we leave again, I can wait that long, can't


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