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[cdt-l] From Digest Land....

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In a message dated 4/8/2003 1:44:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
sloetoe@yahoo.com writes:

> ### Man! Don't it *haunt* you when you lose a camera? What
> became of the pictures? Did/does the person that found it import
> any meaning to the pictures they might be tempted to develop?
> [Ha! Is that a hidden advantage to digital? Start every memory
> chip with a self portrait to help identify the owner while the
> finder is still in the field with the camera?] Anywho...

I nearly wanted to sit down and cry, especially after already losing a hat
and compass earlier, but sucked it like all good CDT thru-hikers should.

Fortunately I had just started a new roll and had only taken a few pictures
of an awesome sunset where we were camped the night before.  Unfortunately, I
don't have any pics from there to Grants, where I replaced it.

It's about halfway from Snow Lake to Negrit Fire Station, in tall grass, on
an uncharted cross country route, you should have no problem finding it.  I
would have searched longer, but Ben was being molested by wild horses!  Plus
we had miles to make and were running low on food.