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[cdt-l] From Digest Land.... Re: CDT-L digest, Vol 1 #532 - 13 msgs

--- cdt-l-request@mailman.backcountry.net wrote:
> From: Slyatpct@aol.com
> Subject: Re: [cdt-l] battery/recharge question

> Don't know, I used a point and shoot Olympus film camera.
> It's up on the grassy range someplace (in a maroon cover) a
few miles before Negrit Fire Station on the CDTS alternate (not
up the canyon).  If you find it, you can have it, but call me
from the payphone in the middle of no where to let me know.
### Man! Don't it *haunt* you when you lose a camera? What
became of the pictures? Did/does the person that found it import
any meaning to the pictures they might be tempted to develop?
[Ha! Is that a hidden advantage to digital? Start every memory
chip with a self portrait to help identify the owner while the
finder is still in the field with the camera?] Anywho...

> Have you considered the new Olympus Stylus weatherproof
> digital?  It doesn't have is sound, like the others you
mentioned, but looks like a great camera. Check it out.
### I checked it out (lightly) this past weekend, and am
relieved that there's finaly a weather-resistant digital on the
market. That said, the Elph is still smaller/lighter, and the
widdle Sony! WOW! --- so I'm leaning that way still.
> <A
> Digicams - Olympus Stylus Digital 300 - User Review</A>

> From: Jeffrey Zimmerman <jeffreyn125@attbi.com>
> This company produces a solid product and has provided good
> service.  I've used the solar panels several times to recharge
my PDA. http://www.aurorasolar.com/
### Thanks Jeff, I'll check it out!

Now on the whole David Fales thing:
1) For you that know him, please keep up the good work. I battle
between terming my non-participation as "patience" and the more
likely "laziness". But please know that at least one person says
"Thank you!" to your intolerance of idiocy masquerading as
mastery: misinformation on a hiking list leads to NO good, but
instead likely discomfort, danger, and certainly disincentive to
participate in the elist or the out-of-doors.

2) For those of you that are meeting him for the first time (and
defending him), what I see is a defense of an underdog (dave f)
against all those lining up to take issue with him. Please know
that dave f has been around -- I have personally seen him offend
and get booted off of the bpl, backpacking with children, the
at-l, and now the cdt-l. (And I understand the pct-l, though I'm
not a lister.) The pattern is each time the same, and what
you're seeing here as dave f being 'picked on' is no more than a
truncation of a longer, dumber process. Do the suggested google
search and be grateful it's not going to take weeks for him to
disappear. This is not about being kind, or mean, or anything
about *us* -- it is about not rewarding or tolerating aberant
behavior from dave f. The message is not new to him from the
outdoors community, and from the information freely available,
it's not a new message from *anyone* who comes in contact with
him. Save yourself some embarrassment and don't attack the
messengers carrying the 'we're not going to take it, dave'

I'm done.

### Oh, and what prompted me to write? The fact that the most
traffic on the cdt-l comes in a digest revolving around a
sociopath, and now about his good-hearted but mistaken
defenders. Sheeesh.

Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.

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