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[cdt-l] Triple Crown Hiking

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  I'vve knowd Jiim fer years annd thhink he's a gooddd guy. Soo iiss Jenny.
Pllease bee nice to theemn as they rr ffine hikkerrrsss. ( TIC)  Finally
someone out there that butchers the English language more than me!!!!
    I've hiked the least on this list!! Top that.     Jim and Ginny have
given many future CDT hikers good advice over the last few years. Their
comments are always welcome and contain their views from the experience they
found on the trail.
    The trail can change with the weather from year to year and all our
experiences differ a bit from each other even if we hiked the trail the same
year. I only hope to finish the CDT in my lifetime. ( one lowely section at a