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[cdt-l] Stopping Recommendation in MT

seriously, I have heard that the stretch along the MT border is fabulous
alpine country. I stumbled across a picture of it once when I was in
Germany and was shocked. People who have hiked it, is this not a stunning
section from Macks Inn to Leadore?

Go to http://home.pacbell.net/kdpo/cdt/continental_divide_trail.htm and you
can see photos of the area. Hiking the MT/ID border was different than any
other area. We rolled up and down on the grassy, open divide looking , for
example, down into MT at the Red Lake Wild Life Refuge and at the same time
down into lakes in ID (off our maps so we don't have names). Did I say that
we saw 15 backpackerd on the trail  in over 800 mile between YNP and into
GlacierNP. 10 of those people were near a trailhead in Anaconda-Pintler. You
have all this incredible area to yourself, to the point of being lonely,
until hunting season starts.

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