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[cdt-l] Packing Pepper Spray

I dint put one person down on this list some one asked abut pepr spray I
gave very  good advice form my self which is a known expert on back
country safty in this area. Yes you need bear spray has when It each for
the Park serivce the fish and game and the fiorest serivce it is cheap
insurnce if you buy a container at 50 bcuks and you never use it well it
is like my car isnurance I pay 60 bucks a month for all my cars I have
only had to use it one time for a craked winshild from some gravel. O
well at least I have it and god forbid I am ever in a amjor car wreak
like i was even though in that one some one was at fault at least I had
them there to fight with me and to cover what there dint' well bear
spray is that way you buy it nad it is your isnurnce policy you hope you
nevr have to pull it out and use it . But god forbid your on the trail
and have anear come after you I have and I know how to avoid bears I
teach fiorst emploies ona vodign bears but there are bad bears out there
but if you need it you have it. I would rather hike 500 miles and have
my bear sptay in it's hoslter and nevr need it them hike 10 miels down
the trail and need it and not have it. Or has I have sen have a person
in there tent food put away the way it's suposed to nothing in the tent
to smell and have one of the glcer bears atcke them at niight nad have
the spray to spray. Also don't get the small personl protection ones
that are key chain size they don't do squat and those are the ones not
alowed in canda they are not bear spray. they are a weker version of
peper spray  and A is  not strong enoguh to hurt the bear and B ther
isnt enough int ehr to do any good what you need is teh huge can that
runs 50 bucks or so and says for bears on it.. So plase guy by your self
an insurance policy it costs around 50 bcuks udap is one fot he best and
if you happont o be flyign and can't take it ont he palne head to a
hiking store and find a custemer and say hey I just hiked such and such
trail I nevr had to use my isnrnce ploicy well say bear spray it is
unused and I can't take it on the plane I oaid say 50 bucks or what ever
I will sell it to you for 30 bucks  sure you lost 20 dollers but did you
nope that was your isnurnce fee just ebcuse you buy car uinsurnce and
don't us eit they don't  give you a check a tthe end of the year saying
well you dint use your insurnce policy so here is a refund. If before
borading the palne you still can't find  some oen then walk up to a
forst office or park office and say hey I bought this bear spray has my
insurnce thank god I saw bears but only had tyo shot ehm with my cameria
here is a fulll cainters that i cant tak eon the plane can you doante it
to a hiker that might need it or a boy scoute troop. You can also go to
the post office and have them mark it as hazerd waist and mail to your
self home when i did the appp trail  I did that and it cost me like 10
bucks extra to mail it and I used it on other hikes. So in clsoing from
a back country expert whith a degree in outdoor education let me say
this don't listen to people who are from back east and say ehy you don't
need bear spray and go a head and buy your self that insurnce policy

Ginny & Jim Owen wrote:

> John Musielewicz wrote:
>> Hah hah- so what if the guy is a troll- you just admitted to being a
>> stalker which is much worse!!
> He invades my playground, insults everyone in sight - and I'm the
> stalker?
> Don't be any more of an ass than you can help.
> Let's see - would that make you a friend of the troll (i.e. - another
> troll)
> or just someone who wouldn't warn their best friend that they were
> playing
> with a skunk.
>> Why don't you people get off your high horse and admit that it doesn't
>> matter how many miles you've put in- you'd still die if you didn't have
>> your fancy little high tech gear!! The modern backpacker is no more an
>> outdoorsman than the happy drooler who buys an SUV because the ads
>> tell him
>> he is one then!!
> Really?  Before you make statements like that you should learn a little
> about who you're preaching at - and what you're preaching about.
> Jim
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