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[cdt-l] Packing Pepper Spray

It boils down to this jim thinks that he runs all trials he feels the
orginzations he is part of the aplpilaciaon trial orgnzation teh pacific
crest trail asastion and the cntental devided trail asastiosn are the
officel assastions since he is part of them he feels that he and them
runs the trail. Well they are not his play grounds. Heck sicne i have
hiked them much more then he ahs then i guess he is in my play ground.
Soory jimmy boy but when it comes to hiking your a looser you will nevr
be has good has me or hike has far has I have.  this is the end of the
converstion. Has far has bear spray goes yes i have lot sof experince I
am a outdoor educator I teach clases in back country saftey. I have hike
dthe triple crown I have hiked evry inch of yellowsotne park. I am about
to finish my second triple crown I just have to rehike the contetal
devided trail and I will be a doubel trippel crower. So when I say that
you need to cosider caruing bear spray it comes  from some one that is
an expert on the back country. Gee I wonder when the area govt offices
have talks for back country saftey i am one of the first they call I
sure bet jim isnt on a first name bases with all the major game and fish
agenices int eh country adn the park serivce. So yes jim your not the mr
back country expert you calim some of us are beter then you I hate to
say. So jim your the troll.

Ginny & Jim Owen wrote:

> John Musielewicz wrote:
>> Hah hah- so what if the guy is a troll- you just admitted to being a
>> stalker which is much worse!!
> He invades my playground, insults everyone in sight - and I'm the
> stalker?
> Don't be any more of an ass than you can help.
> Let's see - would that make you a friend of the troll (i.e. - another
> troll)
> or just someone who wouldn't warn their best friend that they were
> playing
> with a skunk.
>> Why don't you people get off your high horse and admit that it doesn't
>> matter how many miles you've put in- you'd still die if you didn't have
>> your fancy little high tech gear!! The modern backpacker is no more an
>> outdoorsman than the happy drooler who buys an SUV because the ads
>> tell him
>> he is one then!!
> Really?  Before you make statements like that you should learn a little
> about who you're preaching at - and what you're preaching about.
> Jim
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> eliminates dreams, goals, and ideals and lets us get straight to the
> business of hate, debauchery, and self-annihilation." -- Johnny Hart
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