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[cdt-l] battery/recharge question

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Don't know, I used a point and shoot Olympus film camera.  It's up on the
grassy range someplace (in a maroon cover) a few miles before Negrit Fire
Station on the CDTS alternate (not up the canyon).  If you find it, you can
have it, but call me from the payphone in the middle of no where to let me

Have you considered the new Olympus Stylus weatherproof digital?  It doesn't
have is sound, like the others you mentioned, but looks like a great camera.
Check it out.

<A HREF="http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_reviews/stylus300.html";>Steves Digicams - Olympus Stylus Digital 300 - User Review</A>


In a message dated 4/7/2003 3:04:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
sloetoe@yahoo.com writes:

> I am looking into purchasing a digital camera, and I am between
> a Canon Digital Elph (S200/S230) and the Sony CyberShot DSC-U20.
> The Canon's take a proprietary rechargeable Li ion, while the
> Sony takes a rechargeable AAA NiMh (or, allegedly, in a pinch,
> an alkaline AAA).
> Outside of all the other variables, it seems like on the cdt it
> would really come down to being able to get power into the dang
> thing, for anything else to matter. So:
> Any experience with either camera on the cdt?
>    How did it weather the weather?
>    How did you 'recharge'?
>    *Are* there sufficient outlets available (every 7-10 days,
>    maybe?) where one can plug-in for a bit?
> Other thoughts?