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[cdt-l] battery/recharge question

I am looking into purchasing a digital camera, and I am between
a Canon Digital Elph (S200/S230) and the Sony CyberShot DSC-U20.
The Canon's take a proprietary rechargeable Li ion, while the
Sony takes a rechargeable AAA NiMh (or, allegedly, in a pinch,
an alkaline AAA).

Outside of all the other variables, it seems like on the cdt it
would really come down to being able to get power into the dang
thing, for anything else to matter. So:

Any experience with either camera on the cdt?
      How did it weather the weather?
      How did you 'recharge'?
     *Are* there sufficient outlets available (every 7-10 days,
      maybe?) where one can plug-in for a bit?

Other thoughts?


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