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[cdt-l] Stopping Recommendation in MT

Setting the divide aside (forgive me) I was simply looking a map of the area
around Yellowstone NP and ID/MT and drawing straight lines.  If one could
head directly north from Old Faithful to the NW corner of the park and then
hike NW through the Gallatin NF towards Butte it would cut off a few miles.
I'm not sure if anyone actually has followed such a route, but it seems like
a possiblity.

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> > I must admit, I can't help but look at the great big map of Yellowstone
> > the NF land north of Yellowstone and wonder why the CDt dosn't make a
> > direct route north and then cut NW, if you understand what ...
> I guess your answer is because the route follows the divide... but
> seriously, I have heard that the stretch along the MT border is fabulous
> alpine country. I stumbled across a picture of it once when I was in
> Germany and was shocked. People who have hiked it, is this not a stunning
> section from Macks Inn to Leadore?
> Im not sure i understood the first question correctly, in terms of the
> logistics. So i just spouted off some ideas..
> J
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