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[cdt-l] Stopping Recommendation in MT

That may not be tough enuf question! <smile>..I did not thru hike the CDT and
even I;ve been on that seciton with the wonderfully HUGE meadow with the
high hanging valley and the stand of trees to the left where a herd (??)
of mating  moose scared the hell out of us, as we crossed the meadow at
the edge (so as not to trample it...we lost the trail for a mile here)
and before we knew it we were 50 feet from some powerfully jumping
moose thinking we were invading there rutting territory...we loosened
our packs in preparation of climbing a tree if they charged, but we got
quiet, walked backwards 100 feet slowly and went around them 300 yds thru
the meadow and all was well.

The big surprise was due to the fact we were wasted and heads down trudging up
this hill looking for a stealth bivy for the night...and we needed it...but
strange we did not think one second how tired we were then!!

Rich (And Nancy - ex g/f).


At 12:58 AM 4/7/03 -0600, Ron Martino wrote:
>Dave Fales wrote:
>> Yes that is a nice are when I worked in yellowsoten I live dout in
>> paradise vally that is what we call the area.
>	Dave, since you say you've thru-hiked the CDT, why don't you answer the
>original question - tell us about the route between the Old Faithful
>area and Chief Joseph Pass outside the Big Hole. Be specific. Folks are
>looking for information.
>	Ron
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