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[cdt-l] Stopping Recommendation in MT

Yes that is a nice are when I worked in yellowsoten I live dout in
paradise vally that is what we call the area.

James McCreight wrote:

>I had another thought, one time my van broke down in YNP, rebrokedown in
>Gardiner, and then made its way to Livingston while I went packing in
>YNP... anyway, when I drove out of livingston I went north to white
>sulphur springs. I don't know if you ever read "this house of sky" but
>this is where it is set. The quality of the land makes you know it is
>"gods country". there are alot of places like this in mt, but this one
>really stands out for some reason. I saw one of the biggest eagles I have
>ever seen there right by the side of the road, looked about 3 ft tall,
>huge. I have never been into these mountains but know they would not
>dissapoint in anyway.
>sorry about all these vague indications and dreamy notions... I know the
>western side of the state better.
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