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[cdt-l] Grapefruit seed extract

Treated all of my drinking water exclusively with GSE for my 3rd PCT trip in
2001, and never felt healthier in my life. No gastro-intestinal problems of
any kind. This, following chronic, low-grade infortitude, nausea, and lack
of appetite (and occasionally more severe symptoms) on 6000 miles worth of
prior long-distance hikes since 1996, on which I used filters and iodine
(tablet and solution).

I don't believe that GSE kills giardia.

Nor I do believe that giardia necessarily need to die.

A healthy gut is one that can coexist with giardia, I guess, as those of our
ancestors most likely did, I suppose.

Perhaps grapefruit seed extract lets me do that.

Perhaps the liquid acidophilus strains that I take in copious amounts prior
to my hike help, too. (Friendly bacteria fighting on behalf of their

Maybe it's all just placebo effect, and I've been lucky lately.

Maybe the filters and iodine that I used in the past actually did remove
giardia, and giardia wasn't really the cause of my ills.

Or maybe the occasional "nasty something or other" overcame the defenses of
a filter and iodine, finding me likewise defenseless with my
non-GSE-fortified gut or whatever, and so was able to multiply unchecked.

Perhaps a "do or die" approach to water treatment implies that giardia does,
in fact, need to die.

For that matter, perhaps GSE doesn't behave prophylactically after all, and
actually does kill giardia.

Anyway, that's what I think about while I'm walking along the trail these
days, healthy and clueless as an amoeba.

- blisterfree

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> Because there is scientific evidence that grapefruit seed extract itself
> does nothing to kill any type of bacteria, virus, or other bug, good or
> bad, I decided against carrying it on my backpacking adventures as a
> form of water treatment.  (Again, I'll refer those who want to know more
> to the backpackinglight archive on YahooGroups.  Go back a few years.)
> There is slight evidence that the preservative in the extract has a
> limited anti-bug effect, but not enough to convince me to risk a trip
> for it.
> Probiotics, before, during, and after, are a great idea, IMHO.
> John B./Cupcake
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> >grapefruit seed extract is available in health food stores.   in my
> opinion >its just as effective as iodine for giardia but doesn't kill
> friendly >bacteria.