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[cdt-l] Packing Pepper Spray

well form working in the forst and park industry there are far more
cases were those that have used bear spray have lived againtt hose who
didn't. ALso we go thoroguh glacer park were the bears are the most
dangress. were I have worked on people that were sleeping at night and
ripped out of a tent for no resion at all. I have also seen cases were
some one was dead asleep and got ripped out of a tent by a bear and
grabed there spray and sprayed and was hurt but at least not killed like
those with out it. Glcior bears are the most dangress bears.

James McCreight wrote:

>Just as a point of interest, I was wondering how many people who have
>hiked the trail (and are on this list) have actually
>1. used pepper spray
>2. were confronted by a griz but didn't have to use it
>3. didn't use it at all.
>I think it would be a fairly interesting stat.
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