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[cdt-l] Stopping Recommendation in MT

I have only heard a rave review about this hike never actually done
it... but plan on it some time soon. This is the description as best as I
remember: It is in the very north west corner of the YNP. I was told the
trail defines the actual park boundary and that the park had been expanded
just to include it. The trail head is the Black Butte (one of my favorite
beers, conveniently helps me remember this) Trail head. I just found it on
my delorme, It is on Mt 191 just over the wy border in mt, exactly where
described. This guy who was raving about it like he lost his mind said
there was all sorts of wild life there.
Another pristine spot that is just north out of Gardiner is the Paradise
Valley. There is a trail on the West side of the Valley called the
Gallatin Divide Devils Backbone trail. There are a bunch of trails in that
area that all connect at hyalite peak. I have only exlpored that area from
the bozeman side and in the winter but I would imagine I will blow your
socks off.
I am of course describing stuff off the divide cause I assume you will or
already have done that. If you want to go further north you can always do
that to but MT is one of those places where you could spend about 5 years
in hundred mile radius and be happy.