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[cdt-l] Packing Pepper Spray

I am not arguing its effectiveness, just offering some ideas on how to
minimize your chances of a bear encounter. It has either worked for me or
just sheer dumb luck has kept me from coming within more than 100 yards of
a griz, i have almost run into black bears several times
though... probably cause I was not expecting a grizzly.

Also, I didn't say they dont allow pepper spray in to CA, I said they
don't allow some TYPES of pepper spray in to CA. I know this because about
3 years ago a friend, who had pepper spray with him, and I tried to drive
up to Waterton. We had to leave the pepper spray at cheif mountain
customs. I am offering this info to help save people the hastle of not
expecting this. I don't know if the laws have changed but I wanted to give
a heads up.