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[cdt-l] Packing Pepper Spray

We carried Counter Assault bear spray from South Pass City to Waterton. We
planned to buy bear spray in Dubois, but we were offered the spray by
southbound hikers who were through with their spray. They told us you
couldn't mail it and couldn't fly with it. Makes it difficult to get rid of
unless you find hikers going the other direction :)

The locals and rangers will tell you that you should carry bear spray and
know how to use it. Also get the more potent type. I noticed that all the
outdoors types in Wyoming and Montana carried bear spray (or a rifle - it
was hunting season). We were also told by local Montana hunters that we
should not continue our hike because of the grizzlies. They told us to get
off the trail at the next road crossing because of the danger. Yeh, like I
was going to abandon the hike 100 miles short of Waterton. The locals really
do show a lot of respect for the grizzlies.

I asked in several outfitter stores in Montana which bear spray I could
legally carry into Canada. Interestingly I got different replies every time.
Even contradictory replies as to brands. No one ever asked about our bear
spray at the border - in either direction. Of course it was clipped to our
hip belts so they could see it.

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> Do most CDT hikers pack pepper spray for the Yellowstone/MT section of the
> trail?  If so, what brand?
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