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[cdt-l] RE: CDT-L digest, Vol 1 #528 - 11 msgs

Because there is scientific evidence that grapefruit seed extract itself
does nothing to kill any type of bacteria, virus, or other bug, good or
bad, I decided against carrying it on my backpacking adventures as a
form of water treatment.  (Again, I'll refer those who want to know more
to the backpackinglight archive on YahooGroups.  Go back a few years.)

There is slight evidence that the preservative in the extract has a
limited anti-bug effect, but not enough to convince me to risk a trip
for it.

Probiotics, before, during, and after, are a great idea, IMHO.

John B./Cupcake

>grapefruit seed extract is available in health food stores.   in my
opinion >its just as effective as iodine for giardia but doesn't kill
friendly >bacteria.