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[cdt-l] Random CDT gear question

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In a message dated 4/6/2003 1:54:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Christopher.Mills@law.duke.edu writes:

> For those of you that have hiked the full length of the trail--will
> Frogg Toggs hold up as my only rain gear on a CDT thru-hike, or will I
> need something more durable?  I know they are fine on a trail like the
> PCT, but I need your opinions for this one.

My Frogg Toggs did not hold up well although I did use them on the northern
half of the PCT where they got a great deal of use there and worked fine.  If
yours are new, nearly new or you're planning on buying, they very well may do
the trick.  Otherwise, I look at the a Red Ledge Thunderlight or Marmot
Precip jacket, both available at Campmor and fairly inexpensive.

> Also, would a Hennessy Hammock be a viable option as a shelter on a CDT
> thru-hike?  Is enough of the trail forested well enough to make it
> doable, or would I only be able to set it up 10% of the time?

I never considered a hammock, but a great deal of the trail is above
treeline, other parts are desert and established sites in the national parks
also may not be suitable for hammock camping.  In my opinion a lightweight
silnylon tent or tarp are better options.

Plus in griz country you may look like a giant foodbag!