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[cdt-l] Packing Pepper Spray

You used the word "most" and I believe the answer is "yes."  Certainly
we did... from Green River Lakes (Pinedale food drop) through the
Centennials and from Rogers Pass north. For that southern section, I
suspect most hikers carried it only from Togwotee Pass to Macks Inn. We
however, being card-carrying wimps and weenies (now there're some
possible trail names - wimp and weenie), wanted it in all the sections
with any known Grizzly situations, even though Yellowstone itself (in
that southern segment) is the major area. If you get your campsite
permits in person in Yellowstone, they make you watch a video, in which
pepper spray is recommended.  The brand we have used for years is
Counter Assault.

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> Do most CDT hikers pack pepper spray for the Yellowstone/MT section of
> trail?  If so, what brand?
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