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RE[cdt-l] iodine/bleach/filter

I have the opposite opinion. Clorine tastes bad to me, iodine tastes even
worse--hideous in fact, like the taste of DEET, or of the chemicals in some
contraceptives. (both make me want to run to the dentist to get the taste
out.) I use Aqua-Mira (a 2 part clorine dioxide) and do not find the taste
to be objectionable at all. The only time it gets tasting 'bleachy' is when
I have had to double the dose when treating very questionable (i.e:
hoofprint) water. Having said that, I have never heard anything about
iodine-treatment being toxic. Aqua-Mira works very well for me... I haven't
used one of those hateful appliances called water filters since I started
using it. Even the few times I had to strain scum-water through a bandana
and then into the water bottle I never got the least bit sick when treated
with Aqua-Mira....the water it wasn't real pretty to look at but it didn't
make me sick.

Caleb , who pleads guilty to having more fun than strictly necessary in
writing this.