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[cdt-l] RE: congratz

sorry cdt-l'ers. that email was not meant for you all.  i got the email
which appeardd in my inbox as being from "john brennan" and i thought i was
replying only to him.  you'll have to excuse me, i'm new to these here
computers.  i ain't hardly used them all that much.  i'll try not to do this
sort of thing again, honest.

but i did mean what i said about only receiving emails from the cdt-l or
pct-l from people i know such as cup cake and mags.  any ideas here?   my
email account is NOT set up to only accept email from those in my address
book, i get all sorts of spam all the time.  or perhaps there simply is NO
activity on these lists lately?  fwiw/imho i liked the form interface.

again, sorry to all for the mis-post!


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