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[cdt-l] Iodine


iodine kills everything in your gut and water, both friendly bacteria and
giardia.  thus, after extended use, you are much more suseptible to giardia,
because your friendly bacteria defense systems are destroyed.  so if you use
iodine long term, better make sure that you get no giardia contamination
from stuff like washing pots or brushing teeth.  my sense is that it is
better to build the health of your friendly bacteria, so that they are
strong enough to thoroughly trounce any unfriendlies (eg., giardia)
entering.  a good probiotic supplement or FOS supplement is recommended.  on
my PCT throughhike, i used nothing to treat water.  i was picky about my
sources when possible  and  i supplemented with FOS (available in health
food stores).  i drank out of a few lakes in oregon, and various slow moving
streams in CA.  never got any symptoms of giardia, not once.  many others i
walked with were using iodine and had various stories of giardia related
symptoms.  also, grapefruit seed extract is available in health food stores.
  in my opinion its just as effective as iodine for giardia but doesn't kill
friendly bacteria.  i'll be carrying this on my cdt hike this summer.  good


>I was wondering what the consensus is on drinking iodine for 4+ months
>straight. Is that healthy? I know you can add vit. C after treatment but
>I don't know if that actually reduces iodine intake via chemical reaction
>or not. I personally prefer iodine to bleach, the other light weight
>alternative I am aware of.. I guess there's that Katodyn (??) stuff but
>I've never tried it. Of course I love a filter but probably only in NM.

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