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[cdt-l] congratz

s'up cake,

i just wanted to shoot you a quick congradulations for winning the cover
contest for the pcta communicator.  bravo.  nice photos too, although that
goes with out saying.  i was somewhere near by when you took that photo of
the exquisite trail thru the lava fields.  i was probably attempting to
sneak up on you with a rock in my hand or other such nonesense.  anyway, a
hearty congradulations is due.

so what do you make of ms. yogi stepping out on the pct for the third summer
in a row?  i think she is hooked.  no stopping her now.  i've been very
tempted myself to quit my job and hike the cdt this summer.  very, very
tempted.  but as dewey says: "haste makes waste".  i simply couldn't pull it
all together in time for june start date.  besides i do have things working
out well according to plan here in albany.  next year, next year.  i ordered
my books and they arrived with in 1 week from the CDTS.  $133 for the set
and a membership, and they do look nice.  i've started reading thru them a
bit.  i also have the CDT-ROM which is literally a treasure.  sometime soon
i may experiment with map printing.

finally, i hope all is well in tuscon (is it tuson? or tucson?)  regardless
i hope it ain't getting too hot.  perhaps you'll stay there this summer and
enjoy the t-storms?  i suspect they'll be intense there when the monsoon
season hits.  upstate in ny we just had a serious ice storm.  there is
perhaps an inch of ice on our lawn.  trees down everywhere, it's wild,
everything is covered in ice, it looks real nice though.  the weather has
been grey and shitty since tuesday.  burly.  the curse of the north east.
however, all this ice down south has been snow up north.  24 inches at gore
mountain where i plan to go tomorrow.  i arranged to not work at EMS
tomorrow so as to get in one last day at the resorts snowboarding.  i've
only been to 3 resorts this winter.  but i went out in the backcountry twice
and plan to head up to tuckerman ravine in NH on easter weekend.  i just
hope it doesn't rain...

again i hope all is well and the upmost congradz on being a winner!


ps - do you get many emails from the cdt-l or pct-l? i've signed up for both
but NEVER get emails from these lists.  my configuration is set up right.  i
only get emails to these list from folks i know, like you or mags.  any

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