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[cdt-l] iodine/bleach/filter

Back in 1984 I spent sixteen months hiking and exploring the Colorado
Plateau and more specifically the length of the Colorado River.  On that
trip we rejected the use of a water filter, mostly because there was a
rather limited selection compared to today.

When in doubt we used chlorine and when in greater doubt the Polar Pure
iodine crystals.  We did rather well, although, my partner's sleeping bag
got really badly soiled with her own feces, while in Arches National Park.
We should have treated that water back there in the Mesa Country at that
beaver pond.  We were close to town and the doc in Moab did a stool sample,
and yup, the dreaded beaver fever, Giardhia, thrived deep in her bloated

But, back to your question.  We found no ill health effects from the
extended use of iodine, but I can't stand the taste even today, decades
later.  I can even taste it in the filters that use Iodine.  And we used it
selectively, but for well over a year.

Broken Knee

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>Subject: [cdt-l] iodine/bleach/filter
>Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 12:03:38 -0700 (MST)
>I was wondering what the consensus is on drinking iodine for 4+ months
>straight. Is that healthy? I know you can add vit. C after treatment but
>I don't know if that actually reduces iodine intake via chemical reaction
>or not. I personally prefer iodine to bleach, the other light weight
>alternative I am aware of.. I guess there's that Katodyn (??) stuff but
>I've never tried it. Of course I love a filter but probably only in NM.
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