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[cdt-l] Monkey Wrench Gang and CDT Guide books.

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 Monkey Wrench gang?? Ha Ha, I was in Page Az. the day they put this " Big
Fake  Crack" down the face of Glen Canyon Damm!! What a kick!! ( You could
see it from the town site of Page as you drove down the hill to the damm.
They used a huge 200 ft. sheet of black plastic.  The kisser is that if you
stand at the damm today , you can see where water is seeping around the damm
in the red sandstone cliffs. All that water is weakening the sandstone
holding the concrete and some day ( maybe a hundred years) they are going to
have a large flush!! IN the early 80's the lake finally was filled up and a
year later it almost " Overfilled" and they had to sand bag Wahweap marina
like crazy.
   Guides books??? I know " Sly and the family stones" didn't like Lynne
Howard's " Montana and Idaho"book last year for a guide book as such, but it
does have good info and great pictures. The maps aren't up to par ,but has
good graphs showing elevation  changes of each section and a list of phone
numbers. As Sly says, " Maybe better for the Coffee Table " than the trail.