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[cdt-l] The CDTA Offical Guide For MT

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In a message dated 4/4/2003 12:23:55 PM Eastern Standard Time,
gottawalk@pacbell.net writes:

> When we found what we thought was Latham spring (a pipe, a
> hollow and the "greenest" grasses) it was dry.

Don't know how you missed Latham Spring.   After a search where we thought it
would be and finally found it, we clearly marked it's location with arrows
made of logs in two places for north/south bound hikers AND a orange
triangular sign marked "Spring 200 yards" with arrows on the road AND rock
cairns leading to it.

Nice spring, "in a barrel", there's no way it should have been dry when you
passed, I wouldn't think, as it had plenty of water when we passed through,
not much bfore you.

I don't know how many cairns I put up on the trail last year in iffy places,
but it was ALOT.  The trail should be a no brainer for future hikers!