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[cdt-l] The CDTA Offical Guide For MT

We left Old Faithful August 8, 2002, camped at summit lake and carried water
from there. (This was our introduction to the MT/ID guide.) Trail on the
ground was easy to follow and with all the new signs we ended up following
the more obvious route over the bog bridges looking for water. All were
totally dry, NO water. If you follow the official route you then climb
switchbacks and water is still a problem. We backtracked over the bog
bridges and took an alternate route to Macks Inn thinking water would be
easier to find. When we found what we thought was Latham spring (a pipe, a
hollow and the "greenest" grasses) it was dry. We rejoined the official
route between Lillian and Blair Lakes by following Jim Wolfe up Sawtell Mtn
and following Hell Roaring Creek down.

We continued to use CDTA's Official guide. It lacks emergency bailouts,
mileage is inaccurate (when understated food carried may not be enough). We
found water that was not indicated in the guide (I hate to tell you that
because then you might expect to find extra sources). When the author says
one marker pole is wrong she caused us to suspect all poles, and thus we
were unsure of the route. At one point we were told to turn 90* at a pole at
a saddle but weren't given the mileage to the pole. We found a pole in a
saddle, and good map reading saved us because the correct turn was two miles

CDTA guides don't give bearings, elevations and accumulated mileage like
standard guides do.(i.e. go 2.5 miles north to a saddle (9,250"'), turn east
and follow the ridge for 3.6 mi...)

 Use Jim Wolf's guide and hike the extra. I enjoyed the area. Flowers were
out in August, I don't remember any bugs and I thought hiking someplace that
very few people hike was great.

I summary, our hike that was a mix of Jim Wolf and CDTA was wonderful and I
really disliked the CDTA guide.)

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Hiking north out of Yellowstone,  what is the thought on the route outlined
in the Offical Guide for ID/MT put out by the CDTA?  I might have another
week available this summer and get to extend my trip northward from

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