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[cdt-l] Good Reading

My reading list this off-season:

1984   George Orwell....re-read, before copies become revised unbooks

then read SECRETS by Daniel Ellsberg.

then watch CNN and Ari Fleisher.

then kiss your ass goodbye and go lose yourself in a good book.

Wilderness at Dawn...a history of the European conquest of North America
from the point of view of the everyman who did all the
hauling/walking/woodcutting/fighting/fornicating  etc.

The Settlement of the Americas  (2000) Tom Dillehay. For 50 years most
anthropologists in the US believed that the Clovis people dating from 12,000
years ago were the first people to inhabit the Americas.  Tom Dillehay's
work is changing that view. He is the U. Kentucky Anthropologist who spent
20 years excavating Monte Verde in Chile. His work pushes the arrival of the
first Americans back to at least 15,000 years and offers tantalizing hints
an even greater antiquity. Mainstream science at its best....Non Technical

Once They Moved Like The Wind...all about the Apache resistance in Arizona
and NMexico. This book  portrays beautifully the people and place of
Southwest New Mexico/Arizona and the Mexican Sierra Madres.   *****  five

On The Rez..by Ian Frazier  ...Another good Indian book

More Edward Abby!   (he never claimed to be a naturalist)

Undaunted Courage  (again) Excellent chronicle of the Lewis and Clark

Anything by  Doug Peacock  (he's the grizzly guy)

All of Jon Krakauer....Read INTO THEWILD for advice on how to NOT stay alive
in the woods.

The Longest Walk....by and about the brit (George Meegan?) who walked from
Tierra Del Fuego to Alaska. The longest walk ever recorded in human history.
He was (had to be) absolutely tenacious about his trek.

The Last American Man...Interesting book about A) one man's need to live and
teach others how to live in harmony with the natural world   and B) one
woman's fascination with and need to understand this one man.  Before B
overshadows A,  the first 100 pages are excellent.

The Botany of Desire...how humans have evolved to meet the needs of our
Learn why all humans are born with natural receptors for marijuana.

Whew! time to go hiking already!