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[cdt-l] Good Reading

On Wed, 02 Apr 2003 20:45:20 -0800, Marcia Powers <gottawalk@pacbell.net>

> I can't believe you all aren't reading adventure books. ...

Well of course one of the most fabulous adventure of all was Shackleton's
Antartic survival in the early 20th century.  "The Endurance," Caroline
Alexander, ISBN 0-375-40403-1, has photos from the voyage and a follow-up
on the lives of each crewman.  Marooned on an ice flow, then later an 800-
mile wintertime voyage in a lifeboat through the South Atlantic with
pinpoint navigation to a tiny island and ultimate rescue years later.  Not
a man lost (though a few toes got left behind).  The lifeboat has been
preserved, in fact was on display (last year?) in New York City.
Shackleton himself is buried on the island (having returned years later on
a different voyage).  And various 21st century tour companies, e.g.,
http://www.quarkexpeditions.com/antarctica/v_ea03_4.shtml and
http://www.carrollandgraf.com/shackleton/links.html offer repeat hikes
across South Georgia from time to time.

But whoa we're waaaaaay off topic.  And isn't that supposed to be "y'all"?

Jeffrey Neil Zimmerman
Sonoma County, California

"I've seen your picture in the paper and wondered what you looked like." --