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[cdt-l] Good Reading

I can't believe you all aren't reading adventure books. I thought they were
a natural for backpackers in the off season. I am trying to work my way
through Natural Geographic's Adventure mag's top 100 adventure stories. Wow!
There are some amazing stories. In my mind I'm always one more person along
for the adventure whether the setting is the Arctic, Antarctica, Australia,
Donner Pass and South Pass City or the Gobi Desert.

I just finished Bill Bryson's "In a Sunburned Country" about Australia. At
times it's laugh aloud funny but it is also packed with facts about
Australia's incredible flora and fauna.

All time favorite is "And I alone Survived" plane crash in the Center Basin
in Kings Canyon NP. The survivor hiked out to Independence on Highway 395.

Joe Simpson's "Touching the Void" is also a breathtaking survival
story...the true cut rope story.
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I know its a  bit off the subject, but I am wondering what people are
For myself, I am currently reading The Secret Knowledge of Water by Craig
Childs and so far I absolutely love it. I like this mans style. He writes of
the deserts with a deep sense of connection that I share. He reminds me of
Edward Abbey, but not quite. Craig Childs has more natural history under his
belt and feels calmer than old Ed. Its actually a damn good book.  Do you
some good book suggestions?


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