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[cdt-l] Good Reading

Atlas Shrugged- great! one of first women competency in business..by Ayn Rand,
she went with Greenspan.

Great-Trash reads:

Anything by Clancy and Grisham

Most any of the the Med drama books by Cook.


How Do You Know If You Really Are In Love- pop psychology...required reading
as per my girlfriend/fiance.


At 08:40 PM 4/1/03 -0800, Jeffrey Zimmerman wrote:
>On Tue, 01 Apr 2003 19:07:53 +0000, Ryan Christensen
><ca_radiance@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> I know its a  bit off the subject, but I am wondering what people are
>> reading?  ...
>"Parts Unknown," Kevin Brennan, ISBN 0060012765, about loss and redemption.
> Man abandons family (sited here in Sonoma County) to live in desert,
>returns decades later incognito and seeks connection.
>"Down to a Soundless Sea," Thomas Steinbeck (yes, John's son), ISBN
>0345455762, a series of short stories and one novella, all tucked into a
>single tidy volume.  Richly and fluidly written, sited in Big Sur area,
>emotionally expressive.
>"1421:  The Year the Chinese Discovered America," Gavin Menzies, ISBN
>0060537639, more a proposal than an assertion of scientific truth.  Still,
>an intriguing new view of history, salted with greed and wisdom and
>xenophobia and artifacts and about three dozen tantalizing "What ifs."
>>From just where did Prince Henry the Navigator get those maps?
>"Blood of Victory," Alan Furst, ISBN 0375505741, hints of "Casablanca" in
>the Balkins during World War II.  A film noir about fighting the Nazis.
>Well, SOMEone has to keep Amazon.Com afloat, why do you ask?
>Unfortunately, all of these are in hardback, and a bit heavy for the
>backpack.  But by summer, ahh, that'll be different.
>Jeffrey Neil Zimmerman
>Sonoma County, California
>"I've seen your picture in the paper and wondered what you looked like." --
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