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[cdt-l] Good Reading

On Tue, 01 Apr 2003 19:07:53 +0000, Ryan Christensen
<ca_radiance@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I know its a  bit off the subject, but I am wondering what people are
> reading?  ...

"Parts Unknown," Kevin Brennan, ISBN 0060012765, about loss and redemption.
 Man abandons family (sited here in Sonoma County) to live in desert,
returns decades later incognito and seeks connection.

"Down to a Soundless Sea," Thomas Steinbeck (yes, John's son), ISBN
0345455762, a series of short stories and one novella, all tucked into a
single tidy volume.  Richly and fluidly written, sited in Big Sur area,
emotionally expressive.

"1421:  The Year the Chinese Discovered America," Gavin Menzies, ISBN
0060537639, more a proposal than an assertion of scientific truth.  Still,
an intriguing new view of history, salted with greed and wisdom and
xenophobia and artifacts and about three dozen tantalizing "What ifs."
>From just where did Prince Henry the Navigator get those maps?

"Blood of Victory," Alan Furst, ISBN 0375505741, hints of "Casablanca" in
the Balkins during World War II.  A film noir about fighting the Nazis.

Well, SOMEone has to keep Amazon.Com afloat, why do you ask?
Unfortunately, all of these are in hardback, and a bit heavy for the
backpack.  But by summer, ahh, that'll be different.

Jeffrey Neil Zimmerman
Sonoma County, California

"I've seen your picture in the paper and wondered what you looked like." --