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[cdt-l] Final Tally for 2002 CDT Hikers!

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In a message dated 4/1/2003 10:00:05 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Slyatpct@aol.com writes:

> 23 thru-hikers, 9 of which were flip flops
> 6  that did not finish their thru-hikes
> 4  that completed trail section hiking
> 27 section hikers
> *  section hike of one type or another
> (ct) completed trail section hike
> (dnf) did not finish thru-hike
> (s) is for southbound
> (ff) is for flip flop of one kind or another
> Myself (ff)
> Ben (ff)
> Swiss
> Luzia
> Wandering Bear (ff)
> Pappy

Oh no, Pappy was a flip flopper too, for a total of (at least) 10.  Other
straight northbounders had to take a less than desirable route in order to
continue north.  For example, long paved road walks and the Creede Cutoff.
My point being in order to hike the CDT it may take an extraordinary amount
of flexibility.  That said, it's a trail that offers the ultimate trail
experience and is well worth the effort, what ever your route.